ZAKPRO Smart Turn Signal Cycling Helmet with Integrated Technology – Stellar Series (Black)


  • LED indicators : Helmet has two strips of LED indicators located on front and rear side of the helmet featuring four functions – i) Double flashing -when going straight ii) Turn left iii) Turn right and iv) Braking. The LED lights are bright and can be easily noticed when it is flashing. The rider can turn ON the indicators to show signal which is extremely useful when the rider is travelling straight or navigating a turn which is a very common problem of any rider.
  • Water resistant remote controller : It is easy to install and all the features on the helmet can be controlled on the click of a button using the wireless remote control . It measures 41mm × 50mm in length and breadth. It has buttons to indicate the directions and to control the power of the LED strips. Helmets and remote to subject to IP65 waterproof standards.
  • Inmold construction: A thin piece of plastic is placed in a mold and conforms to the surface. Beads of polystyrene are then added to the mold, it is bolted together and then injected with steam under pressure. The steam expands the polystyrene beads, forming them into the shape of the mold essentially making a completed helmet. The fusing of the EPS and plastic shell gives the helmet great resistance to cracking from an external blow making it a safe helmet for the riders.
  • Durable Battery and light weight : Durable battery with 9h of operation to support whole day of fun. Cool comfort pad lining in the inner surface of the helmets to keep you head comfort and cool. The shape of the helmet is aerodynamic and weighs just 275 grams.
  • Warranty : 12 Months manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty covers the manufacturing defects and not human damages.

Product Description

ZAKPRO Smart Turn Stellar Series Helmets are embedded with stripe LED turn signals that are located on the front and the back of the helmet. These lights can be wirelessly controlled with the mountable remote control. These helmets are tough, resilient and sturdy in construction. They are designed and tested to perform well on the road, field or on the trails.

Built for the Rider’s Convenience

This helmet and its remote control comes with built-in rechargeable batteries that lasts for as long as 9 hours on a single charge. The shape of the helmet is aerodynamic and weighs just 275 grams. The helmet and the remote are both graded IP65 for dust and water resistance, thus you don’t have to worry about the rains damaging or spoiling this equipment.

Wireless Remote Controller

There are 4 strips of LED lights, two each on the front and the rear end of the helmet. These lights can be wirelessly operated with the remote controller featuring four functions 1)Double flashing 2) Turn left 3) Turn right and 4) braking. Now riders can signal left turn or right turn when they are able to navigate a turn. This would be helpful especially during low environmental light when it is difficult to spot a cyclist.


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