Spike Speed Skipping Jump Rope for Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Strength Designed for Both Men and Women


  • MADE FOR SPEED: Spike Speed Skipping jump rope can easily achieve the maximum number of rotations per second. Double-under and triple under can easily be achieved for an incredibly intense workout. Appropriate for any calorie burning workout program. Can be used for leisure or slow jumping with proper rope length and practice.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Spike Speed Skipping jump rope is Compact and lightweight. This is a high-quality jump rope with easy grip handles for MMA training, mastering double under, bodybuilding, boxing, cardio exercises, personal training equipment. Perfect for home and gym. Can also be used by Kids.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: The Cable can quickly be adjusted to your desired height. Cut off any excess cable with wire cutters. Suitable for heights up to 6 Feet . Complete instructions is included with your order!
  • NO INTERRUPTIONS IN YOUR SPEEDROPE WORKOUT: The Spike Skipping Rope Wire Cable ensures No Tangling or Bending like the usual PVC and Leather Ropes, giving the elite gym professional the ultimate cross jump rope.
  • GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE: We designed this speed rope to not only spin fast but last a long time. If used regularly you will be in the best shape of your life!

Why Choose Spike Skipping Rope?


We know the right speed jump rope is crucial to perfecting your double-unders and maximizing your Jumping Speed. With this in mind, we have chosen a design which helps you reach your workout goals.

1) Rotating rods to enable faster rotations.

2) Lightweight steel cable with PVC coating.

3) Cable which exits the rod at the end (not through the handle).

4) Smooth handles for a better grip.


Not all jump ropes are equal. Spike skipping rope is designed for SPEED. From the steel cable to the rotating rods, this design will give you an incredible workout. Challenge yourself. Push your boundaries. And expect to have the workout you can only get with speed jumping.


How to Size Your Spike Speed Skipping Rope:


1) Stand on the middle of the rope with one foot and bring the handles up to your arm pit. This is a good starting length.

2) Cut the cable with a wire cutter. You may need to test and recut if you want it to be shorter.

3) Tighten the thumbscrews and test it. After you find the perfect length, tighten the screw down with a screwdriver so it doesn’t loosen while jumping.



Technical Details


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