SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit


  • Complete Kit bag for all ages includes all the gear that you need
  • Available in various sizes and colors for different age groups
  • Kitbag made from heavy duty nylon material
  • External Bat Packet available
  • Cricket Kit Includes : Cricket Bat (with cover) + Legguard + Batting Gloves + Kitbag + Thigh Guard + Arm Guard + Abdo Guard

SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit for Youth

Complete Kit bag for youth sizes includes all the gear that you need.
It includes
Bat: SG RSD Spark KW
Legguards: SG Campus (SH)
SG Nexus( 4,5,6)
Gloves: SG Campus
Kit Bag: Eco-Combo
Thigh guard: SG Test
Arm Guard: SG Test
Abdo guard: SG Tournament.

This is good Quality Cricket Kit with attractive price from SG. All the item in rich quality with low cost. SG is not only Indias number 1 cricket gear brand, but the company is also the worlds largest manufacturer of cricket gear. SG manufactures everything that a serious cricketer needs: Bats, English and Kashmir willow, Gloves, Leg guards, Balls: leather, synthetic, tennis and practice, Body Protectors, Kit Bags, Helmets, Shoes, Clothing and Accessories. SG cricket gear is virtually made by cricketers for cricketers because the companys R and D team also has access to a panel of well-known first-class and international cricketers. And the company continues to be a cricket factory to the world.


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