Nivia 8523ISL Ashtang Football, Size 5 (Multicolour)


  • Nivia Ashtang football is a design copyright 8 panel football
  • Water resistance material doesn’t retain water on wet surface
  • Head soft and optimized durability
  • High bounce as compared to other footballs
  • Multi fuse and lesser joints gives durability to football
  • Proudly made in india
  • High air and shape retention
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Football

Patented “Ashtang” or “Eight Panel Technology” exclusively developed by NIVIA after extensive research. LESSER JOINTS : 23% lesser joints as compared to conventional ball. WATER RESISTANCE : Reduced water uptake provides uniform playing experience in dry and wet conditions. SOFT HEADER: Wider soft spots for heading of the ball. HIGH BOUNCE: High speed ball with high bounce under all weather conditions. MULTI FUSE: Multi-fuse enforcement under the top PU layer and joints


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