Leverage SpeedArm® Cricket Ball Thrower


  • Speed arm is a practice tool that can be used by both professional and junior cricketers. The speed arm can be used in full pitch and also Half pitch
  • It generates speeds up to 110kmph. Ideally suitable for U 16 players. The size of the speed arm is short ensuing a natural trajectory along with control and accuracy
  • The speed arm can be used in just 30 ft space for knocking practice; the speed arm can also be used in practice camp, back yard or any cricket playing surface
  • The speed arm produces a realistic bowling action while throwing due to its short length
  • The product is non-returnable. It is not compatible for Tennis ball. It’s designed for professionals cricket practice
  • A shoulder friendly hand held tool for a coach, parent and cricketers of all the levels
  • Due to its short length, the sighting of the ball will be easier even when played from shorter distance


Beware of FAKE products selling under SpeedArm brand. Check the name on the product contains mark beside SpeedArm and buy from Leverage only. People are selling dog ball throwers as SpeedArm ball thrower. If you are a victim of such a case please report it to amazon. SpeedArm is a revolutionary practice tool used for cricket batting and fielding practice. It is an extended arm that generates raw pace, swinging and seaming deliveries in a controlled manner. Hence one can deliver accurate deliveries with least effort to a batsman by using SpeedArm. The SpeedArm does not need a professional or an expert to use it. Any novice cricketer or a coach or a parent can use it. The Trajectory produced by the SpeedArm is natural. Therefore the batsman need not struggle hard to sight the ball coming from unnatural height. The finger like gripping and short handle with goose neck design ensures accuracy even for a first timer unlike other tools with large handles. The SpeedArm is less injury prone as the energy is transferred completely into the ball induced by the thrower. There is no side flex and hence it does not require a lot of practice before using it on players. It is not compatible for Tennis ball. It is designed for pro cricket practice.


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