4 D (LABEL) FL- U9 U Shaped Fingerprint Lock for Cycle, Bikes

5,999.00 2,999.00

  • [ Finger is the Key ]: Smart fingerprint lock ,fingerprint touch to unlock/lock. Never lose your key again! Also don’t worry that the key is copied or the password is cracked.
  • [ Easy Operation ]: Stores 10 fingerprints, which are directly managed within thumbprint padlock. No computer/smartphone is needed. [Automatic Recognition Technology]:When the fingerprint bike lock is in empty status,you can use any finger to unlock .After administrator account is set , it is private.
  • [ More intelligent and humanized ]: while fingerprint become the main opening method, remain the traditional key unlock,when the power is run out, keys can also opening. [ IP65 Waterproof Padlock ]: Up to IP65 level fingerprint bike lock, prevent from the rain and dust efficiently.
  • [ 0.5 Second Unlock ]: Quick-recognition technology ,fingerprint door lock support to identify your fingerprint quickly.
  • [ Low Power Consumption ]: After full battery,u fingerprint bike lock offering 3500-4000 times lock/unlock actions.

FL-U9 Smart U Lock Fingerprint Bike Lock Live fingerprint recognition, quickly and conveniently lock/unlock,efficient prevent the copying of the fingerprint Experiential unlocking, when in empty status,any finger can be unlocked, after administrator account is set, it is private Accessing control,save 10 sets fingerprint ,smart fingerprint lock can be shared 2 spare keys with B-class lock core, avoid unlocking failed when the power is run out U type design ,stainless steel +TPE case and high toughness steel shackle, high security level CAN be used with Sportbikes, Royal Enfield,

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