How to stay Fit during Quarantine

The coronavirus outbreak has forced governments to close all gym, parks, and fitness centers around the world. People are maintaining social distancing ensuring they stay away from crowds. This has led many of us to be couch potatoes, curling up on the sofa with bags of chips and bingeing shows on Netflix and other online streaming services to pass all the free time we are getting during this lockdown.

Although this may be a dream come true for many of us but the long binge-watching sessions can adversely affect our health and lifestyle causing unwanted weight gain and many more health issues in the long term.

The fun part is, we do not need gyms and fitness centers to stay fit. A bare minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day and strength training twice a week is enough to keep us fit. According to the WHO, 75-150 minutes of moderate to high-intensity exercise can fight the containment blues better than we can imagine. 

Importance of staying fit during the lockdown

The coronavirus outbreak has made it very important for us to remain fit and develop good immunity now more than ever, almost everyone is now locked up in their house due to the lockdowns imposed by the government around the world. It is so important to fit physically and mentally. Exercising during this period can also help you fight stress and lockdown blues.

I recommend to all of you, of course not if you are ill or have some health issues. But if you are healthy, just stuck indoors, then I really recommend, in fact, implore you to keep exercising or even start. All it takes some determination to stay fit and 30-40 mins a day of your time. You can explore hundreds and thousands of workouts videos on the internet.

But if you don’t want any hassle of searching videos the web, worry not we got you covered. Here are some of the basic workouts you can do at home without any fitness equipment or some basic household items.

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Home workouts...

1. Full body workout

warm-up:45 seconds per move, 15 seconds of rest in between

  1. High knees:- lift your knees to your waist level alternatively
  2. Rope jumping:-  at least jump for 1-2 mins in total
  3. Squats:- Plant your heels firmly on the floor and keep your gaze and chest 
    up as you lower your body down

Exercises:- 45 seconds per move, 15 seconds of rest in between. Repeat the circuit three times, with a two-minute break between rounds

  1. Push-ups:- keep your hand’s shoulder-width apart and push through elbows and repeat.
    • you can try different types of push-ups including – incline push-ups, decline push-ups, diamond push-ups etc.
  2. Strict burpees Remove the jump and press from a regular burpee.
  3. Jumping jacks Begin by standing with your legs straight and your arms to your sides. Jump up and spread your feet beyond hip-width apart while bringing your arms above your head, nearly touching. Jump again, lowering your arms and bringing your legs together. Return to your starting position.
  4. Mountain climbers To work your obliques, bring your knee to the opposite elbow.
  5. Squat jumps, 180 rotation Increase your heart rate by making the jump as explosive as possible.
  6. Tricep dips Pause at the bottom for a one or two count, then press back up powerfully.

2. Upper-body workout

Warm-up45 seconds per move, 15 seconds of rest in between

  • Superman/woman (upper body only) Keep your legs on the floor, only move the upper body here.
  • Forward punches Keep your feet moving as you alternate your punches.
  • Press-ups (on your knees), with an alternate arm loop between each press. This is just a warm-up, so keep your knees on the floor unless you are very advanced.

Exercises:- 45 seconds per move, 15 seconds of rest in between. Repeat the circuit three times, with a two-minute break between rounds.

  1. Push-ups:- push-up is very effective in an upper body workout targeting your chest, arms, and shoulder muscles.
  2. Tricep dips Hand placement is key — keep your fingers pointing towards your feet. this exercise will target your triceps and chest.
  3. Back push-ups Squeeze between your shoulder blades to pull your body upwards.
  4. Planks it targets your abdominal muscles or abs, one of the best exercises for core strength out there.
  5. pull-ups it is one of the best bodyweight exercise for back muscles, the only problem is you must have a pull bar or someplace you can hang in your home.

3. Lower-body workout

Warm-up45 seconds per move, 15 seconds of rest in between

  • The hip opener to squat Alternate the leg you open.
  • Double-pulse squats Each time you drop into your squat, add a small pulse to the bottom before coming all the way up again.
  • Backward lunges (alternate legs) This is just a warm-up, so take it slow and make sure you drop the back knee down to 90 degrees

Exercises:- 45 seconds per move, 15 seconds of rest in between. Repeat the circuit three times, with a two-minute break between rounds.

  1. Deep squats Keeping your gaze and chest up, drop down as low as your flexibility will allow. Focus on depth, not speed. This exercise will target your glutes, hamstring, and quadriceps.
  2. Jump squats Drop it down as low as possible and jump up as high as possible.
  3. walking lunges make sure to keep 90 degrees angle between calf and thighs and walk in a straight line.
  4. Glute bridges Squeeze your glutes to lift your body upwards, avoiding any arch in your back. Primarily targets the glutes and hamstrings.
  5. wall squat hold press your back against a wall in a squat position and hold it for 50-60 sec. You can also some weights to increase the difficulty level.


  • properly warm up your body before doing any of the workout listed above to minimize the chances of a possible injury.
  • always perform the workout with the correct form to avoid any injuries.
  • Cooldown your body after every workout to help the muscle relax after a workout.
Stay healthy, stay home


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