How to Set up a Home Gym in India – 2020

It has been a long time since the lockdown was first implemented and now the unlock (unlock 1.0) phase has been started where shops are being reopened but places like “Theatres” & “Gym” are not gonna open anytime soon. It is one of the best opportunities for fitness freaks and gym-lovers to set up their own home gym

Reasons to Have a Home


The lockdown has been implemented and going on for a long time, people have become un-fit and in times like these it is very important to stay fit mentally and physically, but the situation is not allowing many to workout or have a run in the park, but we must find another way to improve our health which in result will improve our immunity against deadly viruses like COVID-19, etc.

it’s a great opportunity for people starting out and Fitness enthusiasts to have a chance to exercise again and feel better than ever. Below are the benefits of the home gym set-ups…

  • Even if Gyms open in the near future, it will not be advisable to go to the gym because it will not be very hygienic in a commercial gym (even more dangerous during coronavirus outbreak) because everybody is sweating and the level of hygiene decrease when you use the same equipment, benches, and dumbells which someone else had just used with all the sweat on their body, there are chances of getting ill, skin reactions and especially deadly virus are spreading all over the world.
  • You know a lot about workouts and can work-out on your own without trainers thus you think to have your own gym at home.
  • It seems inexpensive, setting up its own gym, rather than spending money every month/ year on gym membership personal training and other expenses related.
  • Want to work-out with family at home in peace, rather than taking family members to the gym in an unknown strange crowd.
  • You have vacant space at home which you want to utilize by opening a home gym.
  • Gyms are far away from your home and it is time-consuming traveling every day, or maybe you do not have enough time to work-out after traveling too long into a gym, do you think to have your own gym might reduce the time expenditure and will help in better health comfortably.
  • You don’t want to face various restrictions like gym dress, same old music, timing etc, which are very common these days in gyms, you wish to have your own gym and your own set of rules.
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Home Gym Setup Cost In India Depends On What You Do :-

A basic workout has three types of essential movements:-

PUSH  exercises consist of push up, bench press, overhead press Squats, jump squats, leg press, etc. Generally, consist of chest and triceps workouts.

PULL exercises consist of pull-ups, bent over row, RDL, Deadlift, Glute bridges, etc. Generally consists of Back workouts.

CORE  is for your abs and supporting muscles. Eg: Plank.

The equipment you will be buying will depend on some of these factors


  • Fitness goal – Your fitness goal will determine which type of equipment you will be required.

  • Space available – Make sure to buy the equipment according to the space available to you in your home or garage.

  • Budget – Your budget for the equipment will determine how much machines, gears or accessories you can buy.

  • Usability – Generally our homes don’t have as much space as a commercial gym, so keeping this in mind we must choose our equipment which is multi-purpose. This will also help you save some money and space also.

Some of the common gym equipment suitable for home gyms are-


A good set of dumbbells is perfect for a home workout, from which you can perform a wide range of movements and train almost each every muscle in your body with the added advantage of an extra range of motion to grow those muscles effectively at home. You can buy either fixed weight dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a very versatile and affordable piece of equipment with unlimited benefits, you can perform almost any exercise with a resistance band almost anywhere because they very little space required but are very effective for home workouts.

You can buy different resistance bands of different resistance levels for different workouts and muscles.

Skipping Ropes

Skipping ropes is some of the best cardio accessories that are available in the market almost anywhere and it is a good warm-up routine before a heavy intense workout. Jumping rope even burns more calories than running or jogging. You can jump almost anywhere with very little space required.

Yoga Mats

The yoga mat is a very compact and affordable option to include in your home gym setup.  It can be used for some of the abdominal exercises to strengthen your core or lose belly fat. Practicing yoga regularly can keep fit mentally and physically as well, and makes our body flexible.


A Flat bench or Adjustable Flat bench:-

These are a little bit costly than the equipment listed above but it is also one of the most important because without a bench it is very difficult to train very big muscle i.e chest. You can not just avoid doing chest exercises. So it is very important equipment to have in your in-home gym. You can perform chest and some other exercises on the flat bench.

Barbell rods and Plates:-

If one has to do exercises like bench press, shoulder press, squat and bent over barbell rowing, deadlift, and so on, he can either do them using dumbbells or they can be done in the traditional way using Barbell with a set of plates added to it. 






  • You can workout anytime you like and alone.
  • There are no restrictions what so ever in your personal home gym setup
  • It saves money in the long term, setting up a home gym is like an investment for a long period
  • Working out in your own gym is very hygienic compared to any commercial gym.
  • Saves a lot of time by reducing traveling to a commercial gym
  • Space is very limited in the home gym, thus less variety of equipment will be available for you.
  • Working out in the in-home gym can be dangerous sometimes because you don’t have anyone to help you or to guide you in your home.
  • Usually, people struggle with consistency to do regular workouts in their home, self-discipline is the key here.

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